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This is a trendy app and has millions of downloads. It’s a social app that lets you share photos and videos with friends and family. OG Instagram Apk is a modified version of Instagram which offers many features and options which are not available in the official Instagram app.

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What’s New on OG Instagram?

  • Base has been updated to the new version of OG Instagram APK.
  • He has corrected errors and mistakes.
  • Ban mode
  • The fault has been resolved.
  • New features are coming.
  • Unlike many other scam sites, we share 100% one click download button.
  • Stay away from these scam sites and remember that our WhatsApp and Instagram websites are free and working.
  • It is updated from time to time and now many things are fixed in the latest version of OG Instagram APK.
  • The base has been updated with a new look to provide a great experience with the latest version.
  • Old bugs are fixed in new updates and bugs.
  • OG Instagram’s anti-ban mechanism will be updated with new updates from time to time. So, make sure to update OGInsta with the latest updates.
  • Some bugs have been fixed in the latest version of OG Instagram.
  • Several new features have been added, such as new languages ​​with flexible experiences, new topics, and so on.

OG Instagram Features

This is, of course, the most important part of an app. The great features of OG Instagram APK are here. So read carefully.

  • Easily download photos and videos from Instagram.
  • Share image and video URLs directly with friends.
  • Don’t miss a single tracking notification and a search with ‘Tracking Indicator’.
  • Zoom profile picture in OGInsta APK.
  • IGTV videos can also be downloaded.
  • Callback with automatic translator.
  • Multiple accounts can be used in the same application.
  • The video starts with audio by default.
  • It is available to login to Facebook.
  • Stories can be downloaded.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Biographies of anyone can be downloaded.

Enjoy interesting publications from others

To improve your overall in-app experience, you can also customize and personalize your Instagram feed using only the posts that interest you. Therefore, the app can choose the topics that the user likes in all related posts and stories. Apart from that, the smooth and useful features of the app with lots of steering wheel controls allow you to easily explore social networks and their content.

Check out the exciting IGTV for great content

You can enjoy all the interesting stories and longer videos from your favorite creators on Instagram. Have fun watching exciting IGTV, where you will find professional content created by the most influential Instagram creators.

Explore interesting photos and videos from random accounts

If you’re bored, Android Instagram users can always browse their feed randomly for interesting photos and videos from any account. Entertain yourself with lots of interesting content you’ve never seen and enjoy with the Crawl feature in the app. Find cool photos and videos from new accounts that aren’t online yet. This allows users to make their feeds more interesting.

Media File Preview

With the official version, you won’t see photos in full screen, because the official Instagram doesn’t provide us with photo previews. But Gb Instagram has a preview option available. Uploaded images can be viewed in full screen and downloaded using the original image quality.

Click the three-dot icon above any video or photo. Then click GB and click to view now. The media file will open in full screen.

External Player Supported

An unfortunate feature of Instagram is that it doesn’t let users see the media player. And it doesn’t allow us to play videos using an external player. But don’t worry, the new version of Gb Instagram offers a feature that lets you play uploaded videos in different players.

Click on the three dots next to the video and now click on preview and select external player. The mp4 file will play in your external player and have fun.

Hide Story on Screen

This is a magical property. In general, Instagram shows us a story viewer. But you can hide your profile with the new GB version. That is, if you watch stories of your friends or strangers on Gb Insta. If so, your profile will not be visible in the public list. This is the most amazing feature. We can anonymously view the status of each user if you enable this feature. Click on the profile icon and go to the settings menu. Click on privacy and select hide to view the story.

Different Account

Gb is the latest feature introduced in the latest Instagram update. This allows you to use multiple accounts at once on one device. Sometimes users can’t use other accounts at the same time without logging out. Gb Instagram offers a multi-account feature, which allows you to use duplicate accounts at once without logging out. The developers have added this feature especially for those who want to use multiple accounts at once. The official version also has a multi-account feature available. But your first account will expire when you switch to a different profile.

Click on the profile icon and go to the navigation menu. Then go to your account settings and sign in with your secondary account.

Against the Ban

Changing the version of any social network application is as risky as Gb WhatsApp, Gb Instagram, and others because the community can block user profiles. If someone is using a mod apk, they will be able to detect the site’s specific engine algorithm and show whether the person is using the mod apk.

But the Gb version represents a limitation and makes your account 100% secure and unidentifiable. Of course, everyone can use it perfectly. And you really should try it.

OG Instagram APK Download

App NameOG Instagram
Size25 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0
Last update1 day ago

Download OG Instagram

Why do You Need OG Instagram?

“OG Instagram” has a lot of features like photos, videos, watch videos on IGTV, come live, chat with people and much more, but it also lacks a few things that should be there. That’s why we need Instagram mod. There are many things we can do, such as download images and videos, share URLs directly and more with OG Instagram for Android.

How to install OG Instagram?

Follow some simple steps to properly install OG Instagram on your Android device. If you encounter any problems during the installation, please feel free to contact us by commenting in the comment box below.

Step 1:

First you need to enable installation from unknown sources to install OG Instagram. You cannot install APK without this permission. To enable installation from unknown sources, go to > Device Settings > Security > Permissions > Enable Unknown Sources.

Step 2:

After enabling unknown sources, your next step is to search for the downloaded files on your device. The default location is Device Storage > Downloads > OG Instagram APK. Now open the apk and click install.

Step 3:

Wait a few seconds and the OG Instagram installation is complete. Now you can enjoy all the features of OGInsta on your mobile. Don’t forget to share your experience with OGInsta mod APK in our comment box.

OG Instagram APK Installation Guide

OG Instagram is a modified version of the official Instagram APK. Not available on the Google Play Store but can be easily downloaded from the official OG Instagram page.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get OG Instagram to Download

  • OG is a third-party Instagram app. Requires access permissions from unknown sources from device settings.
  • Connect your device to internet connection and visit the official page of OG Instagram Apk
  • Click the link below the provided page to download the app
  • Save the file to your phone’s download folder
  • Wait for the download process to complete
  • Before you start the app
  • Allow access permissions from unknown sources through settings
  • After enabling the permission, open the app and create your account
  • You can also login with one of the above accounts

Download Old Versions

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Is it safe to use the OG Instagram APK?

Yes, it is 100% safe for your device. Unlike many mod APKs, it does not require a rooted device to install. You can install OG Instagram without any worries and enjoy all its features with great experience.

Will I be banned from Instagram if I use the OG Instagram APK?

No, it won’t ban you from Instagram because OG Instagram uses an anti-ban system to stop accounts being blocked. While you want to use it. It is safe for your account.

How can I download the latest updates for OG Instagram in the future?

Don’t forget to download our latest OG Instagram APK update from our website. We also provide the latest versions of Instagram and WhatsApp modes.

Can I chat with friends on OG Instagram?

Yes, you can chat with friends on OG Instagram. It has the same follow and follow process as the official version of Instagram. You can even use an automatic translator to translate languages ​​into conversations with foreign friends and this is very useful.

Why can’t I install OG Instagram?

You may not be able to follow the installation steps. You must follow the installation steps to properly install OG Instagram. Even if you can’t install the APK, you should check the Android version of the APK and compare it with the Android version of your device. If not, try downloading the latest version.

What is OG Instagram used for?

There are many advantages to using the official version. It has many special functions, such as downloading photos, videos, downloading everyone’s story, copying everyone’s biography. We can even enlarge the profile picture. It also has many features that you will find in the article. So read on and you’ll get the idea.

Is OG Instagram legal?

OG Instagram Apk is a third-party application. It is not available on the Google Play Store, but it never interferes with the operation of the phone and is safe to use on all types of devices.

How can you get OG on Instagram?

OG Instagram can be easily downloaded from the link on the official website of the app.

Is it difficult to use the app?

OG Instagram has a similar interface to the official app. It has options to use, and all the details related to the operation of this application can be easily understood by the user.

What are the special features of OG Instagram Apk?

This Instagram way has anti-ban feature, can fix bugs and malware. You can avoid ads and it requires less storage space compared to other versions of Instagram.

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All descriptions in context describe the accessibility and excellent working of OG Instagram Apk. With this smart app you can have conversations, upload different filters, edit images, and share media with friends. Even though this app is a third-party app, don’t worry about it working as it is a safe app and protects your device from all kinds of malware. Download OG Instagram on your phone and enjoy multimedia sharing with your friends.

The Final Verdict

The OG Instagram APK is free to use and one of the best mods available on Instagram. Use all features easily and increase your fun by sharing video and image URLs.

Download media files so you can enjoy them without an internet connection. So, what do you think? Download the OG Instagram APK for Android now.

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