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YoWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version: Fouad Mokdad Who was the founder of FM WhatsApp has given the YoWhatsApp to the new founder. He had been handling this FM WhatsApp very quickly since many last years, but now he has dealt with it to Yousef Al Basha who is currently dealing with all the development of YoWhatsApp.

They have been the very advanced state of Technology. in the past year’s Technology has been reaching the sky and their Modded WhatsApp versions which had been developed up the love, the users are developing the versions of WhatsApp for the convenience of their users there are many versions of YoWhatsApp which were being launched in the past. Still, they were free of any cost and don’t have any extra charges for downloading it. This version has been recently installed, which is anti-bug, and there is no virus.

Download YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version

The previous ones which were installed were full of bugs and viruses, and there were complaints from users about such an incident. Their phones were prone to crashing continuously and therefore, news to have by using this version. The recently announced version for your WhatsApp YoWA version is free of such user complaints. It is memory friendly, and there are a vast majority of features that you can enjoy by using this version of Yo WhatsApp. This version is entirely free, and you do not have to pay a single penny to enjoy all these notable features to enjoy it.

YoWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version: In the past few years, YoWhatsApp has prolonged its Kingdom, and a lot of people are using it with interest. Many of the features provided are lacking in the Original WhatsApp application, and the user is looking for modded versions of WhatsApp. Yowa APK WhatsApp has become one of the major media for sharing pictures, charts, videos, live locations, and many other hidden features are present at which users enjoy despite chatting to friends. It provides a variety of emojis which we can send to enhance the chat and experience. WhatsApp has become the subject of interest for many people around the globe and is still increasing its investment and earning money in seconds daily. It is nothing for a few people, but it is more than heaven for others as their life revolves around YoWhatsApp. People have started doing business over WhatsApp and starting increasing their business and in the blink of no time.

YOWhatsApp APK Download

App NameYOWhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version
Size64 MB
Total Downloads100,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 and higher
Last Updated1 day ago

Download YoWhatsApp v19.35.11 APK (By Fouad Mokdad)

WhatsApp application which gives you a wonderful experience of chatting with your friends and families but it lacks few of the basic features which users want and sensing this issue many of the third party users, users planned to create such a platform of WhatsApp which will fulfill all the demands and needs of the users of WhatsApp. There are many features that other ordinary applications cannot provide, and even the official version of WhatsApp lacks these features, Still, when you use YOWhatsApp, you will see that all the experience you want is fulfilled by using this application. It is also called a Yowa application as it is named around its developer Yousef Al-Basha. he is the founder of this modded version of WhatsApp and people are loving the features he has included that and the features are something to die for and the good news for us that you get all of these features in free you do not have to pay a single penny to enjoy these features.

Fouad YoWhatsApp (FouadYoWa)

Yousef Al Basha was the original development of Yuva, but now he is no more a part of this YoWhatsApp, and this WhatsApp is now run by another person whose name is FoudadYowa, and the is named after him as he found YOWhatsApp or simply known as Foudad Yo WhatsApp. He provided a modified version for this WhatsApp and included all the subjects of interest for different people or different age groups including children, kids, teenagers, and adults. It has become the center of a revolution in our society, and all of the people live their life on WhatsApp and socialize themselves. It has become the center of the subject for a few people as they can expand their business through WhatsApp and get rich in no time.

If you want to get a version of WhatsApp that will include all the features you ever wanted then, BOOM!!! you are at the best place. you can never be on the site we have given you about all the information regarding this application, its uses, its features, downloading options, and the screenshots of its view you can visit our site to check all these features after and download this application in your Android devices.

YoWhatsApp 2022 (YoWa Anti-Ban)

Yousef originally developed YoWhatsApp. His full name was called Yousef Al-Basha. He hired this type of application from some other developer Yousef Al Basha is no more a part of WhatsApp, and he has given this project to a new developer.  WhatsApp has an awesome plan for fascinating its users, and it has made the lives of many people are there easier. There are many bunches of features that every user required in mobile phones, and this version of WhatsApp will provide you with all those features to enjoy those great features. All you have to do is download and install this application on your Android devices, and you can enjoy the bunch of features in no time. The most important beauty of this application is that it is bug-free antivirus-free that includes no room for viruses if you want to install it on your mobile phones. Other applications that are given at other websites may be spam or full of bugs and viruses which are directly not good for mobile phones occupied to large space and main crashed forms or cause the recurrent hanging of mobile phones.

When you once install this application on your mobile phones and enjoy the features of this application, I am sure that you will be forced to install this application on your mobile phones and delete many websites that provide the previous versions of at least modded versions and most of them are spam or contain old version. Decide if a new version or latest version may cause crashing off your mobile phones and cause frequent hanging of your mobile phones as these sides are full of bugs and viruses and may harm your phone and destroy your experience with WhatsApp. The only opportunity for installing YoWhatsApp is that you are free from all such incidences and you can enjoy the maximum features at the expense of zero pence. Yes, your favorite application is seriously cost-free and not a single rupee, and it will make your experience best by using WhatsApp.

Yo WhatsApp APK Old Versions

Download YoWhatsApp AntiBan Version

There are hundreds and millions of applications available on the Internet which provide you with different lengths of download. In YoWhatsApp, they may provide you with different opportunities for downloading this on your Android devices and enjoy the features of some of them. We also promise the anti-Ban version, but they are full of bugs and viruses and destroy your experience with WhatsApp, and can harm your devices and away you never thought. You can install and download bug-free and Virus-free and one of the best applications over Instagram on our site. The version uploaded on our site is the latest and is free of any bugs and viruses it can make your WhatsApp experience one of the best experiences of your life. You will yourself be compared to delete the old boring and time memory consuming WhatsApp and install the new WhatsApp on your mobile phones.

YoWhatsApp provides you with anti-ban functions as we all know that third-party users develop these modded versions, and if they find these Origins Away on the Internet they block these versions. As they are against the law and policy of official WhatsApp. If they keep an eye on your account and your activities, they blocked your account. You may never be able to use that account again .so it is required and advised to use a temporary mobile number and secondary account which you keep for chatting only to use any WhatsApp why you can use your permanent mobile number and primary account in which there is the presence of your important documents that are pictures videos, important information and all other files which you share as the privacy concern. You should use these modded versions only for temporary accounts and Temporary numbers. Make your primary account on your official WhatsApp to save your files and important data as your phone is prone to get banned.

Version Info (YoWa 2022)

In this article, we have given you all the particular information which may be very helpful for you before downloading this application on your mobile phones to check its compatibility with your mobile phones. remember only if you are compatible with downloading this application, you should install it on your mobile phones, and you can enjoy the feature but if your features of Android devices do not match these versions and IOS devices required you should not download this application on mobile phones as it may harm your mobile phones and sometimes even crash at you were faced bugs are viruses present if your device is not compatible with the features given below…

There are brilliant new features present in YoWhatsApp, and we have highlighted all these features in the above paragraph. Now it is the turn to tell you about all of this visual in detail to get you maximum information about these features so you can enjoy the best experience while using YoWhatsApp as compared to other modded versions of WhatsApp which are present over the Internet.

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YoWhatsApp Latest (What’s New?)

YoWhatsApp is trending on the Internet and users are installing it on mobile phones as it is a user-friendly and memory-friendly application and consumes a minimal amount of memory in your Android devices. let’s look at the detailed features of each of every feature of the YoWhatsApp application

#1. YoThemes

WhatsApp brings you a very grand opportunity to enjoy a variety of new themes that are available over there. The theme-changing options are not present in the official WhatsApp application, but there is a significant and interesting feature of YoWhatsApp that you can easily enjoy your themes in.

#2. Emoji Variant

There are a variety of options for the emoji variant. You can easily send different kinds of emojis to your friends and enjoy them. WhatsApp is a very boring and dull experience without these emojis, and one does not feel complete when the emoji option is not present YoWhatsApp gives you a variety of options for emoji variants and different kinds of variations of emoji are present over the YoWhatsApp which makes your chatting experience one of the best experience of your life.

#3. Send Long Videos

the official WhatsApp allows sending videos to only a particular few seconds. you can only send videos to the status of 30 seconds only this sometimes becomes so messy and time-consuming. if you want to upload a long video on WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp provides you with this wonderful opportunity for sending long videos. you can easily send videos for up to 7 minutes by using YoWhatsApp, isn’t it an amazing option? and doesn’t it compels you to install this WhatsApp on your mobile phones and enjoy its features?

Also, the official WhatsApp application allows you are sending videos up to 100 MB only over the Internet but by using the modified version of WhatsApp which is via WhatsApp also called a modded version of WhatsApp you can send videos on the WhatsApp of more than 700 MB. It provides you with an amazing opportunity to send and share videos with your friends as other previous boring versions provide you dull experience and make it difficult for you to maintain the exciting experience over WhatsApp it is time-consuming, and it is problematic. When you have to send a large number of videos of long length to your friends and family groups, the YOWHATSAPP opportunity provides you with such an amazing option that compares every one of the users to install it on a mobile phone.

#4. Default Lock

In this modern technology era, everyone is concerned with privacy. privacy has become the center of concern for every person from child to teen to adults. Our lives have become so social that it is challenging to keep life private. people have a habit of poking nose in your matters, and it’s deals all your privacy and your personal life WhatsApp which is official WhatsApp does not allow you the option of default lock this referred lock is provided you by the YOWhatsApp as using this feature you can enable the privacy options in your mobile phones. We have a habit of giving away phones to different people at different times for contacting and calling purposes, and our phone is prone to data-stealing and message reading. We do not want anyone to read the message of our loved ones and their work of YOWhatsApp as there is no builder Locker that allows you to lock your WhatsApp as nobody will be able to see what you have inside it.

#5. Freeze Last Seen

By using YOWhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen it means that you can disable the feature which was the last time you saw your WhatsApp, and it will save you from various fights with your friends and family circle of not replying. freezing last seen is one of the most important parts of YoWhatsApp as it enables your privacy options which is the most demanded feature on WhatsApp. when you disable this option, your friends or family circle will not know when you saw and use WhatsApp last time, and it will save you from the fuss of frequent replying to your friends.

#6. Custom Privacy

There is an option for activating an on privacy you can activate this option on your mobile phones, and you won’t be able to get messages from unknown numbers. This privacy option is critical in every mobile phone as it requires you in everyday life. There are a variety of spam calls and fake messages related to the Internet daily, and WhatsApp is prone to such junks. People may call you again and again when it is not even desired, and you sometimes do not even know them. These fake calls can be blocked by editing the privacy options and blocking the one calling you.

#7. Dual WhatsApp

The best feature for YoWhatsApp is that you can use the Dual WhatsApp account on a single WhatsApp application. This feature is not available on the official WhatsApp application, but this is the Majestic feature that is present in why WhatsApp and provides you with an amazing opportunity for using temporary and permanent accounts on the same application that helps you to enjoy two and the price of one. isn’t it amazing?

#8. No Root

As you know, a variety of WhatsApp applications required rooting for their working smooth, but the YOWhatsApp does not require any rooting option for working. as you know that this rooting option destroys the device and chatting experience over WhatsApp, so you do not need any rooting for it. this is one of the best features for YOWhatsApp, and this allows you for a better experience of texting on the rooted version of WhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp APK Additional Features

YoWhatsApp provides you with a tremendous amount of a large number of features that no other application can provide you ever. When you want to download this application on your mobile phones, I am sure that you won’t feel any void in your life regarding WhatsApp as it will satisfy all the needs of yours it has a complete package for every age group and satisfies every teenager in context of chatting…

  • There is a presence of a large number of emojis
  • You can select between different themes
  • You can download different themes as you require
  • You can never make your themes with different colours
  • There is customization option, and you can easily customize different chats
  • You can customize the screen options
  • You can send video up to 7 minutes on YOWhatsApp while official WhatsApp allows you video status update of 30 seconds only
  • You can send audio files up to 500 MB by using WhatsApp you can send video files up to 200 MB by its use
  • You can send different types of stickers to your friends to make your chatting experience exciting
  • You can download different themes
  • You can download different stickers
  • You can send a large number of files at a time
  • You can send more than 30 pictures to different people in the order in WhatsApp
  • You can ignore the achieve charts
  • There is the presence of do not disturb mode, and you can activate it if you do not want to chat to any person
  • There is the presence of anti revoke function, and you can read the messages of your friends even after deleting the message
  • You can read the status of your friends are one of the related statuses
  • Anti Ban function which satisfies your need of not being able to ban from the offices WhatsApp side
  • Reasons off vibration features for the vibration of a phone
  • There is an option for hiding different types of chats
  • You can hide the profile picture of the one you can talk to
  • You can even delete different names of the person you are talking to
  • You can remove forward tag when you forward messages to others
  • You can erase the time and date of the message when you send to others
  • You can name the group names up to 25 characters

YoWhatsApp for Android (Requirements)

If you have read the article above you should be well aware of the fact that what you require for downloading this application in your mobile phones for smooth running of his application but your convenience we may repeat our words that.

  • You need Android 4.0 version for the smooth running of the application on your mobile phones
  • You need an Internet connection as without the Internet you may not be able to run this application
  • You need a proper APK to run your device
  • You should make sure that you have deleted the previous old WhatsApp account which is the official WhatsApp version from your mobile phones to enable YO WhatsApp APK in your Android devices

How to Install YoWhatsApp Apk on Android?

It’s a possibility that you may have already known how to install the YOWhatsApp app on  Android devices. You may have read the installation procedure on other sides given, but still, many of the users face difficulty in downloading it. So I will tell you how you can install the YOWhatsApp app on android and make the experience the best experience ever for you. Many people already know its installation, but many of the people are in darkness as they do not do how to install this application on the mobile phones that try to find and download this application on the Google Play Store but do not found there as this is against the terms and privacy of WhatsApp..

WhatsApp will not allow users to download and install the modded version of WhatsApp and even if they found any of the modded versions they may request to block those accounts and applications, and you may lose data in a blink of a second. So it is always taught to you to use a secondary account and temporary number for using these modded versions as you are prone to get banned from the official site of WhatsApp if they find you using any modded version. WhatsApp is present on the web, and you can easily download it from the web by clicking a few buttons and in a few seconds only.

1: For downloading YO WHATSAPP in your mobile phones you must be sure that you have a particular internet connection with a proper speed

2: Then open the setting options of the mobile phones and open the privacy.

3: There when once you open the privacy section of your settings click on the enable “download” from unknown sources.

4: When you enable the download from unknown sources you can easily download the file from the web for which the link is given here.

5: Click on that file and it will get downloaded in your phone depending upon the Internet facilities.

6: The download is complete go to file section and open the file of YO WHATSAPP APK and you may find an option of installation.

7: Click on the option for installation for installing this application in your mobile devices.

8: When you install this application it is now ready to use.

9: Give your phone number and name and other necessary information which WhatsApp requires and your login to your account.

10: When you log into your account it gets synced with your contacts and you can text, call, video call to any contact you desire.

11: Your WhatsApp is totally free to use the out and account has been made successfully.

How to Use YoWhatsApp Without Losing Chats?

We all are fearful of losing the chats to the loved ones as it contains important data, charts, pictures, videos, or other important files which may be of your concern. There is a trick to use WhatsApp without losing your chats. for knowing the procedure stay tuned at our side.

1: First of all, open your old WhatsApp app which you are using already.

2: Click on three dots provider on the right top corner of your screens.

3: Click on the settings.

4: Click on the charts option of that particular person.

5: Click on the backup for chats and chats will backup on your mobile phones in a blink of a second.

6: Simply, click on the green “Backup” button.

7: It will start backing up your chats, wait for a while until it completes.

8: Now, uninstall the WhatsApp app and install YoWhatsApp on your device. (Installation tutorial already share in the above section)

9: Enter your phone number and verify it via One Time Password.

10: Now, it will automatically scan backups and ask you to restore the last Backup.

11: Click on the “Restore” button and wait for few seconds.

12: Voila!! Your messages are restored successfully.


The application YO WhatsApp APK was found by Yousef Al Basha, and its name has driven its course from the name of its developer. Yo WhatsApp APK is a modded version of WhatsApp and is not developed by the official developer of WhatsApp. You may be very careful during using this application as you are prone to get banned if WhatsApp finds your presence there. Even if you are using these modded versions, do not use a single feature frequently of the particular modded versions as this frequent use may cause a problem for you. If you are looking for a trusted site for downloading YO WhatsApp what are you waiting for? download YO  WhatsApp APK on our site and enjoy the features.

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